Big City Strategy

Faced with a dangerous opponent and a group of dwarves in need of rescue the party decided to save the dwarves and vacate the premises. It would be foolish to run head long into an unknown enemy stronghold when the enemy knows you are coming and has had time to prepare. Choosing the tactical strategy of temporary withdrawal the team convinced the dwarves to vacate their makeshift fortification and leave the area.

So the group traveled with the dwarves of the Erd clan and their leader Gundin Ferrous to a safe distance from the ruined manor and the crypt. North toward the nearest passage to the dwarven lands. They encountered a group of strange furred goblin like creatures but avoided contact and possible hostilities. After a full day of travel they parted ways, the dwarves heading to their home and the party headed towards Renarah, the big human city.

Finding the river and the road heading northwest they made a brief stop in the town by the great bridge and then made their way by boat up to the big city. Along the way one of the crew was lost to a river serpent of some sort. All efforts to find and rescue the poor soul were for naught, no sign of him was ever found.

Renarah is a huge city and slightly overwhelming. The group re-provisioned and prepared for a trek to lands they were told were infested with the unholy spawn of necromancy. It would be again by boat for some of the trip then by foot and hoof the rest of the way north. It might be a long trip so the squad spent a week of R&R in the big city before heading out.

Once off the boat the team headed north by rough track suitable only for the most rugged wagons. Still it was road travel, and far quicker than trekking through the wilds. They made camp for the first night, but it was not to be a quiet one.



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