Welcome to Paeleen

Urgander the Wyr made her way cautiously down the city street. Not many people were used to seeing her race, with their scaly skin, claws, dragon like face and tail, and she didn’t want to startle anyone for fear of panic. So, slow and steady. The townsfolk gave her a wide berth, and only a few made startled gasps. (Cities of men are so unfinding of way…all the same look and smell…I find the Inn of Whitewater soon…city can not be so big…), she though to herself.

Paeleen is a campaign world of mine that has been in some form of development for the last ten years or so. I only work on it now and then, so I have much to do. This particular campaign is making use of the 5th edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons. The world itself has all the normal classes (with some minor changes), but the races are different. The Wiki has each race and their write up there.

The actual world is quite large, with the starting area (primary campaign focus) around the “melting pot of the world”. This is the country of Renarah.


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