Race - Alfar


The Alfar are an ancient race, infused with the flows of mana and the powers of life. They have extremely long lives, some living for the better part of two thousand years. Because of this long life, they are slow to advance themselves in any endeavour. They seek to enjoy the task at hand, and the longer it takes the better. The Alfar perceive time slightly different than most other races; a day for a Human is the equivalent of a hour or an Alfar. A year for a human seems to be no longer than a couple of weeks to an Alfar. That said, the products that are produced by the Alfar are of the highest quality and most exquisite beauty.
There are three sub-races of the Alfar. They are the Thilassarian, Voorinalese, and the Cla’Banil.spacer_line01.jpg
The Thilassarian are the “high-born” of the Alfar. They tend to be a bit snooty and hypocritical. While quite dexterous (probably the most dexterous of the Alfar), they prefer to move slowly and deliberately. Their artwork reflects this, with extremely detailed items that consist of long, flowing curves. They are the aristocrats, law makers, theologians and philosophers. They average close to 6’ in height and 160lb for men, and 5’6”, 100lb for women. They have bright hair and eyes (blond and silver hair, and eyes of blue, green or violet).

The Voorinalese tend to be of a slightly smaller stature than the other Alfar. They are the most infused with mana of the Alfar. They tend to keep to themselves, even in the general Alfar societies. Almost all are skilled in some form of magic, no matter how little it is. They are quite stoic for Alfar, and find themselves in the position of defenders and warriors of the Alfar societies. Most end up as some form of soldier or guard, mixing the best of elven fighting techniques and elven magic to perform their duties. The men average about 5’6”, 110lb, and the women 5’ and 90lb. Hair color tends to be all manner of strange colors like bright blue, red, purple, green or mixtures of them. Their eyes are likewise odd colors, bright orange, fuchsia or lavender, for example.

The Cla’Banil are the tallest of the Alfar, with sturdy bodies and more angled features. They dwell only in the jungle regions of the world. They distrust all outsiders, including other Alfar, almost to the point of paranoia. They are experts at hiding, stalking and striking from the shadows. Typically, they are structured into small clans that barely deal with other Cla’Banil clans, let alone true outsiders. Once per year a group of clan leaders will gather to reaffirm ties and let the others know they are still around. The cla’banil are towering alfar. The average male is 6’6” and 230lb, with the women being equal, if slightly lighter in weight. They all have black hair, never any other color, but their eyes tend to be pale blues, greens, ambers and violets…so pale sometimes that from a distance of more than 10’ it looks like they have no color at all.spacer_line01.jpg

Race - Alfar

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