Clearing farmland and the Dwarven ogre problem


A small farm found an old ruined complex. None of them are very adventurous, so they ask for aid in the nearby seaport. Together a group of adventurers traveled to the farm and ventured into the ruins. After some animated statues, undead they found a deadly automaton bull and some friendly underground gnomes.

They returned to the farm but the farmhouse was burned down by hobgoblins. after a battle in the darkness the family was saved, but not the farmhouse. The group tracked the Hobgoblins back to the ruins and found where they were hiding. They assaulted the band and wiped out the threat.

Returning to the city the group went off to take care of personal matters, and after a couple weeks they decided to head off again to find some good deeds to do. So they traveled to the nearest den of evil they had heard about. A cursed manor house a few days to the north.

Without much trouble they found the location and the ogres that lived there. They found some dwarven miners trapped by fear of the ogres, and learned of more ogres in the area. After a brief foray into a nearby crypt they had defeated nearly a dozen of the beasts and returned to the dwarves for a short sanctuary.

At around midnight the respite was interrupted by something hammering a note into the door. It said they if the group didn’t leave, they they would be punished for defiling ‘my’ sanctuary. Some people don’t take well to threats, so the adventurers packed up their gear and prepared to head back in.




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